Claims Recovery Management

The advantage offered by Claims Recovery Management is consistent, meticulous pursuit of virtually all-potential subrogation claims.



Claims Recovery Management will substantially increase your net profit through implementation of a Third Party Lien Recovery System with no need to increase your staff or the additional expense of supporting an in-house program.



Some of the benefits offered by our company are:


Train your staff to simply and quickly identify potential third party claims for recovery.

We identify your third party cases through our automated identification system.

Manage the entire process from maintaining contact with the responsible party to the final negotiation process.

Provide you with any customized computerized report that you may desire.

Secure payment in the most efficient and trouble-free manner.

Imposes statutory liens on settlements and judgements.

Takes no fee until you are paid.

Operates in association with an established law-firm with the ability to litigate although it is rarely necessary.



We are dedicated on your behalf...to the professional collection of unpaid third party liens; to maintaining cordial member relations; to positive interaction with your in-house staff.