What Our Clients Say


Rhonda Sue Smith is an extroardinarily professional, effective, and efficient administrator and negotiator of accounts receivable. It is a pleasure to work with her, as she “gets the job done” in a fair and efficient manner. Quite frankly, we sometimes ignore the various notices and requests for direct payment by health care providers, because we find that the account representatives often do not understand special problems and complications which sometimes arise , or if they do, they are without power to cooperate in accomplishing a reasonable resolution. This has not been my experience with Ms. Smith. Ms. Smith is a credit to your office and the health care providers who she represents.

T. Allen, Law Office



We have had a positive relationship with Claims Recovery Management for 15 years. We have successfully stream-lined the recovery of our Third Party Liability claims by out-sourcing the process to Claims Recovery Management and the result has been profitable. Rhonda Smith continually educates us and has assisted us in developing a procedure for identifying cases which has resulted in an increase of revenue. The employees at Claims Recovery Management have been supportive to our internal staff. They are knowledgeable in their field and are able to research issues that are brought up by attorneys in a timely manner. We are very pleased with our continuing relationship with Claims Recovery Management.

S. Landsberger, Business Office Manager



Rhonda has been working actively with our company since 9/95. She is very knowledgeable, personable and responsive to any questions or inquiries we forward to her. We do not have the expertise in third party recoveries and Rhonda’s knowledge and energy in recovering these monies is appreciated. Rhonda has recovered thousands of dollars for us that otherwise may have been lost. It’s a pleasure working with Rhonda.

R. Vitagliano, VP Of Finance



Rhonda Smith and her associates have shown consistent enthusiasm and willingness to do what was required to assist us in our recovery actions. I can say without equivocation that service to her clients and accommodating their needs is her primary focus. We have been very pleased with her efforts and results during the time of our association.

D. Ingraham, Managed Care Services



We have been using Claims Recovery management as our third party lien collection service since June, 1995. We have previously worked with Rhonda Smith at another company and we were pleased with her conscientious approach when dealing with our account. We would whole heartedly recommend Rhonda and Claims Recovery Management  to anyone looking for a claims recovery service that gets the job done.

S. Rupp, Director of Claims